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Type of Program: Miscellaneous Internet
Supported platforms: Windows 3.x and 95/NT
Company Name: ELF Communication
Version: 1.27
Price: Freeware
Installed size: 500 KB


WinTalk is an implementation of the UNIX talk protocols for Microsoft Windows 3.1 and above. The ZIP file contains a Setup which will install the appropriate version (16 or 32-bit) on your system.

WinTalk allows two-way text-based conversation between two users in realtime. It supports the Unix TALK protocol, so can talk to Unix users as well as anyone else running TALK software such as WinTalk. If you're having friends at some University or in other Unix-addicted environment, you'll love this tool.

WinTalk provides several benefits over Unix TALK, such as: One-click answering; the ability to refuse or ignore individual talks; a hotlist of frequently-called users; graphical customizations such as color and font; cut-and-paste text across the application, hence across the net; and more.

It's nice to chat (text, not voice, sorry!) with a friend NOT on an IRC channel and in real real-time. I keep it in the system tray all day long, so if a friend want to spend some time with me, WinTalk plays a WAV and pops up a dialog box showing who's calling me and asking me to accept or refuse the connection, or just ignore it. For the newbies: if you're using a dial-up Internet connection and your name/IP is variable, it's not as cozy as if you were using a LAN. However, if this is you who are initiating the conversation, this shouldn't bother you.

Since it's freeware, you can only get tech support by reading the FAQ from the product's Homepage.

If you ever worked under any Unix flavour and have ever used 'talk', then WinTalk will be a close friend to you. For other people... just try it!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Radu-Cristian Fotescu

Registering information: WinTalk 1.27 is Freeware. If you want to spend your money on something, you may try WinTalk Pro, available for $20.- from ELF Communications, which can also act as a 'TALK answering machine'.

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