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Type of Program: Security
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company Name: Bardon Software
Version: 4.01  
Price: $49.95
Installed Size: 1.2-MB


WinU is a Windows 95 security access control system with time-out and monitoring features, three distinct levels of security control, and many flexible configuration options. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and (virtually impossible to circumvent) This makes WinU excellent for libraries, schools, and stores that want to let the public use certain software without allowing access to the entire computer. Patrons can use all authorized programs, but they can’t change the computer’s setup or delete important files. Businesses can use WinU to allow employees to run only authorized software, making other programs unavailable.( WinU is also ideal for parents who want to allow children to use only certain software on the family PC without worrying that they might delete the household tax records or access inappropriate files) You can set up a different password-protected WinU desk for every user. You can also password-protect each individual program on a desk. And you can limit the time that any program or desk can be used. It’s easy to customize WinU to your needs. You can control up to 250,000 programs on up to 500 desktops, each with its own name, settings, passwords, and programs. You can set the maximum allowed time for each program, and for the desk itself. WinU allows you to individually customize each desk's appearance and behavior in a number of ways. Choose the wallpaper, layout style, button placement, fonts, icons, and more. You can also set the access and navigation methods allowed on each desk. Desks can have "blockout" periods, times when no programs on that desk will run.(How about a blockout period on Junior’s desk every night at dinnertime? WinU lets you set the amount of time That a program can be used, even communications programs for the Internet or online services. It allows a warning "grace period," with a custom warning message that you can set, before it terminates a running application.WinU offers rock-solid security.With it, you can deny access to all non-WinU programs. And WinU can track exactly when programs were run, by whom, and for how long. Best of all,(WinU simply cannot be shut down improperly or maliciously) It provides permanent, unstoppable security coverage for your Windows 95 computer system.

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Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider
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