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Type of Program: Utility
Platform: Windows 95
Company Name: Pepsoftware Int'l Ltd
Version: 1.9
Price: $24
Installed Size: 1,2MB


WinXFiles is a must have for anyone sharing a computer with files that they want to keep private. This is not your average file encryter. It has a built in image viewer (so you are certain you are encrypting the right image file) and you have the option of encrypting several files at once. Encryption not only makes the document or image password protected but it changes the file extension from .doc, *.gif, etc. to *.XFP (decrypting the file changes it back to its original file extension).

It is simple enough that any computer novice would find it easy to use. This is definitely a keeper.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Ayodele Locke

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