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 Type of Program: Misc/Woodworking Utility
Supported Platforms: Dos
Authors Name: Alicia Inocencio
Price: $15
Installed Size: 149KB

DownloadWood Working Homepage

WoodPro is a nice little dos utility for woodworkers. It allows you to search a comprehensive
database of woods and view numerous properties. I searched the database for numerous woods
including imported woods and WoodPro found them all. The wood properties are broken into 3
categories. Overview or general: strength, weight, hardness, price, etc. Woodworking
properties: planing, shaping, sanding, turning, nailing, etc. Engineering properties:
specific gravity, stiffness, shock resistance, etc. The overview properties are ranked using
a numeric scale (1-10). The woodworking properties are a percentage of having a decent piece
after performing that task.

WoodPro also has a query feature which allows you to search the database for the best kind of
wood for your project. The Query syntax could be a bit confusing for non-technical
woodworkers; however, the program comes with a help file that includes query examples.

WoodPro also displays the color of the wood and a price per board foot on most species. The
price data is from 1994 but the help file gives you instructions on updating the prices to the
current rates.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Martin Belan

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