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Word Invader

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Type of program: Word game
Supported platforms:Win 95/NT
Author's name: Johannes Unnewehr
Version: 1.01
Cost: $14


This is the last of the language vocab programs I'll be reviewing; for this week any way. This is the hardest of the 4 I just reviewed; its also the most expensive; which tells you the author thinks more of language skills than money.

The reason this one is so hard is that, like Wordtris, the space invaders bounce around outside the active screen; cause we don't care about them. What shows up, scrolling from left to right at the very top of the screen is a foreign phrase, and you have to type in the translation-quick! It takes a few seconds to recognize the word, which is appearing to you backward; then type fast, and be glad you don't get penalized for spelling. After the first pass, the phrase drops several letters as a hint, and then start shooting. If you miss the word, it does show in the typing box, so you can learn.

Again, excellent program; this authors is to be commended on writing programs so well, dealing with difficulties of learning another language, without making it so dull and boring; also, commended on keeping these programs so affordable, and for supplying tools to make it even easier, and for the Lesson Maker program.

My hat is off to you Johhannes Unnewehr; or it would be if I was wearing a hat right now; I have a headache. All this learning is for the young; I'm going to go kill something slow and alien, and give my brain a rest!

Don't delay all, check these things out!

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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