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Type of Program: Winword utility
Supported Platforms: Word for Windows 6 and 7 (lesser versions?)
Author/Company Name: Raleigh R. Lee/Second Banana Software
Version: 1.0
Price: US$ 25, more templates US$ 10
Installed Size: 304 K


Have you ever tried to create a macro in Winword to speed up those tasks which annoy you so much?
Nine times out ten this will reveal too complex, and you will be at the starting point again.
Part of your troubles can be alleviated by WordSmith. Its macros allow you to setup a document
(margins, paper size, headers and footers layout, title, chapters), to organize an index, a table of contents, tables, notes. All you need is to click the appropriate button in the special toolbar WordSmith adds to the ones already put by Winword. This gives you access to a series of floating windows that allow anybody to accomplish the tasks above mentioned. The program is correlated by two help files: QUIKGIDE.DOC, quick reference guide, you'll better skip it, and WRDSMITH:DOC, an 18-pages guide which you have to print in order to follow correctly the steps required to use all the features contained in the program. Italian users beware!!! If you want to run the program within the Italian version of Winword, prepare to substitute some of the Style's English names contained in the macros with the Italian version's correspondent.

Authors Note:Thank you for the review. Wordsmith is no longer supported by Raleigh R. Lee dba Second Banana Software. If you want to keep it as freeware, please do so.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Davide Di Lazzaro

Contact: Raleigh R. Lee, P.O. Box 660141/Atlanta, GA 30366
How to pay: Cash

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