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 Worlds Chat

Type of Program: Internet Chat
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.xx Windows 95 Windows NT
Company Name: Worlds Inc
Version: 1.1b Gold
Price: $32.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling
Installed Size: 24Mb min, my install of Gold without WinG = 28Mb +


Worlds Chat is set on a space station with many different areas to visit. There are two versions of the program, a freeware demo version and the fully paid up Gold version. There are differences in the program between the two versions as you would expect. The main differences are, you cannot choose a name in the demo version, you log in as Guestxxxx, the Gold version allows up to 3 user names, but take care when choosing them as they are very difficult to change. The demo version can kick you off the server after a while when it is busy, you can however just log right back in, but you will get a new Guest number, this does not happen with the Gold version and you donít get kicked off at all. In both versions there are some figures, which are called avatars, you choose one of these prior to connecting from a gallery, the number is restricted in the demo version, but there are 15 available to choose from, the Gold version has 40, plus there are hidden avatars in the program, and libraries where you can download others, or make your own. The instructions for creating avatars are on the Web site. Some are just figures, others are comic characters, itís up to you which you choose, change every connection if you wish. In the demo version you will be restricted to the Space station itself and the 50 rooms connected to it. In the Gold version you can visit outside the station to six worlds, and it has 800 rooms to visit. Some of these rooms are just what they say, rooms, where you can meet and talk. Others have hidden areas, like one with a mirror which conceals a maze behind it, just walk through the mirror and into the maze. With the Gold version, you can actually have your avatar floating above Wanderways, Sky Walk and other places, but there are tricks to doing this and it's only possible with the Gold version. With the demo version you get 4Mb of art, music and sound effects, with the Gold version that jumps to 24Mb. With the Gold version you can keep up to 20 place marks so you can jump directly back to those places, the demo version does not support place marks.

The program is extremely graphical and uses sound in every area of the space station, a 16 bit sound card is recommended and 800x600 with 256 colour graphics. I run in 1024x768 and 65,000 colours and it doesnít seem to bother the program at all. The graphics however, are superb in any resolution Iíve used so far. It will run on Windows 3.xx and Windows 95, but on 95 I would advise taking the custom set-up option and NOT installing the WinG graphics libraries as I donít feel that 95 needs them. Once set up and your Internet connection established, you can log onto Worlds Chat by using the icon on the start menu and enter the Space Station. As a guest user you can then teleport, or jump to any part of the station, or take the corridors and elevators to any of the rooms your allowed to visit. When talking to someone you can either talk normally or whisper so only the other person can hear you. By far the best way to get a feel for the program is to download the demo version and give it a try. There just isnít enough space to list all the features in this program but it must be the most fun Internet Chat program available.

The system requirements for Worlds Chat are as follows:

486 DX 66 MHz or Faster PC Windows 3.xx Windows 95 or NT 8Mb Ram Minimum, 16Mb Recommended Minimum of 24Mb hard drive space for the Gold version 256 Colour Display SLIP/PPP or direct Internet connection 14,400Kbps or higher 2X CD drive for installing the Gold version 16 bit Sound Card (Optional, but highly recommended)

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:

Reviewed by: Mike Lumsden

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