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Type of Program: Internet Timezone Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows `95
Company Name: ChiLLiSoft Products, United Kingdom
Review Version: Professional edition, v5.8
Installed Size: 1.3 megabytes
Cost: 5.00 for home users, 10.00 business users


There are many `must have' tools that one needs in order to get around on the World Wide Web today. Web-browsers, Email applications, FTP software, and many others besides.

Well, how about a small Windows '95 app that runs in the `background', and sits un-obtrusively in your taskbars notification area (next to your clock), ready to tell you with the click of your mouse, in which parts of the world people are awake and which parts people are still asleep?

You know, just a small program. One that will quickly tell me what time it is in any part of the World, at any time of the day or night. And I don't want it to take up 50 megabytes of disk space, and take 10 minutes to load each time I use it!

And what would I use such a program for? Perhaps I want to get an urgent email message to a friend or business colleague, but I want it to arrive at the best time of day for them to respond? Or, perhaps I want to ask that new IRC chat buddy, who just happens to live in the outback of Australia, to meet me at lunch time on Thursday in that chatroom `#elvis lives'? And, its even more useful for those Internet PHONE users out there, who keep in touch with family and friends by voice and video, to arrange the appropriate time when each person should go online.

OK, I want it now! Tell me what its called, where to find it, and I'll check it out?

WorldTime v5.8 is the software solution to all your timezone problems. You can very quickly determine which countries are in darkness and which are in daylight, simply by glancing at the main window where an orthographic style map, similar to the clock/timezone used by Windows '95. There you will see a display of where the Sun is in the sky, and which parts of the globe are illuminated by the night/day terminator line. And an added bonus for the registered users of WorldTime is the ability to have up to 10 free floating desktop clocks all pointing to individual cities or timezones. Each free floating clock takes up just 3 cm x 1.5 cm of desktop space.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Brent Stuart

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