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WWW Gif Animator

Type of Program: Graphics Utility
Supported Platforms: Win95/NT
Authors Name: Irmgard Wasinger & Ramin Nourbakhck
Version: 1.1
Price: $20
Installed Size: 800KB (without Examples and Java) to 3500 KB


This program is an inexpensive, easy-to-use Graphics Animation development tool. Using WWW Gif Animator, a novice can easily generate animated .gif files to spice up a web site more efficiently than with a Java applet. About 50 effects and transitions are built into WWW Gif Animator, including Blur, Blind, Checkers, Blend Out, Fade Out, Flag, Frame Out, Fringe, Invert, Move, Page, Pixelize, Radar, Roll Sphere, Random, Rotor, Spiral, Tilt In, Weave, Wave Out, and Zoom. This tool can also be used to generate automated GIF banners (scrolling text in a variety of colors and fonts) in just a few minutes with little effort or understanding of graphic file animation techniques.

As you select effects, transitions, and banners, the result is available immediately for preview. Play buttons allow the .gif to be viewed frame-by-frame. Options are available to control optimization, speed, frames, compression, image size, palette, delay, and the like. This tool imports a variety of graphics file formats, including Gif, Bmp, Jpg, Avi, Tga, Ani, Cur, Ico, and Dib. Images can be exported easily for further fiddling with your favorite graphic arts or publishing tool, and then reimported into an animation sequence.

On-line help is available to explain how features can be used, and a large collection of examples are included as an installation option. Fully automated install and uninstall utilities make setup a breeze, although the README file and help do not provide trouble shooting or platform tips. The only support mentioned is by sending email to the authors. This program is not intentionally disabled and does not expire. You are reminded to register each time you run the program and after performing several editing tasks (I found this to occur after about 5-10 minutes of use). This is slightly bothersome but does not interfere with the usability of the program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lisa Phifer

To Purchase, send $20 cash to:
Irmgard Wasinger
Turmburggasse 2/33
A-1060 Vienna
On-line orders are accepted by or

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