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WWWGif Animator

Type of program: Graphics utility
Supported platforms: Win95
Author's Name: Irmgard Wasinger & Ramin Nourbakhck
Version: 1.1
Cost: 20 U.S.$


If anyone saw my recent unhappy review of a gif animator; then take heart, I DID it! Just like I promised! I found a "graphic-animator-for-dummies", [just like the books]; and I can use it and I'm loving it!

Unless you're real good with computers, you'll be like me, not very technical. [To me a utility is the gas company, the department of water and power, or that reading railroad.] When I do find a utility that will allow me to use it without 3 manuals, a dictionary, and a service person, this is a well explained and well written program.

I comes with a bunch of regular and java based examples of animation The directions are a little technical, but not too bad. One problem though, I tried to print the docs, and the print came out so tiny I couldn't read it. I have been using my printer all night, so I don't think its broke, but I can't think what could be with the program that would make it unprintable; but I'm having so much fun playing with the special effects, I don't want to go read my printer manual again-please don't make me.

Once you import in a image, [gif, bmp and jpg so far and it said you could draw your own], then comes the fun part. It has 23 different effects, which is for a single image file; or 26 transitions, which are for 2 images. Each one of these give whatever picture a different look, some of which are strange, some of which are quite beautiful.

One last positive feature; the usability is such that even the kids [well, not TOO young] can play with this. You might have to explain parts of the help file [or leave a dictionary lying around] but, be careful, before you know it, the kids creations will be better than yours; and that will mean yet one more "wasted day" sitting in front of the computer all day, muttering, "I think I can, I think I can".

Take my word for it, this one is worth the time; and, also worth the money.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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