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 XRX Animated Logo Utility

Name:XRX Animated Logo Utility
Type of Program:Graphics Utility
Supported Platforms:Windows 95
Authors Name:Karl McMurdo (
Installed Size:564k
Download Size:8


This shareware utility aids in the creation of Windows 95 animated splash screens. If you want to get rid of the boring clouds with animated bar screen, this is the utility for you.

Previously you had to edit the BMP file using a Hex editor to initiate palette animation (which is how the animation is done), now XrX provides a graphical and easy way of creating palette animation by enabling you to edit the palette and specify the range of animated values and previewing it before saving the final product. It will even install your new startup screen automatically for you if you want to.

The current version does not allow you to create the animated bar found in the original Windows 95 logo although it will be incorporated into the program in the future. Registration is via cheque or money order.

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Reviewed by Stephen Chen

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