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Yankee Clipper Plus

Type of Program: Clipboard Utility/Win 95 Enhancement
Supported Platforms: Win 95/NT4.0
Authors Name: J.LeVasseur
Version: 1.51
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 118-Kb


The Yankee Clipper Plus (YC+) is a Windows95/NT4.0 clipboard memory/stacker that resides in the system tray. It acts as a silent sentry, continually watching the clipboard, waiting for a change in the text contents. If a change is detected, YC+ saves a copy of the clipboard contents in the event you may want to reuse it. Clicking on the little clipboard in the system tray brings the Yankee Clipper to the top or makes it visible if it was hidden. There is a read-only textbox at the top which contains the current contents of the clipboard. Directly below there is a listbox which displays past clipboard content. Double-clicking on an item in the listbox, or selecting with the arrow keys and hitting <Enter> will place that item back in the clipboard. Ability to save "clippings" between sessions. (Or not save, you choose.) Ability to choose between 20 or 50 items saved in the history. Another feature of Yankee Clipper Plus is The Boilerplate file editor included, Just paste entries into the editor, give the entry a name and save the file. Up to fifty entries per file. I have boilerplate files for addresses, Template’s etc. To change boilerplate files just hit configure and choose one from the listbox.  You can load any entry into your text editor by right-clicking  on the entry and selecting "load in editor".There is now a calendar included, making it easy to copy dates in various formats to the clipboard. In my opinion, the best way to use the Yankee Clipper is to make a shortcut to it in your startup folder. This way it will always be running and instantly available. This is a great little program that just does what I’ve been looking for, without a bunch of useless features, the only better thing would be that something like this was totally integrated into Win 95.

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Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider

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