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Type of Program: Time Synchronizer
Supported Platforms Windows 95
Company Name:
Price: $35
Installed Size: 665k

(Note: This Review is based on an older version)


YATS 32 stands for Yet Another Time Synchronizer. Setup gives you the options for a full or custom install. You only options, however, are whether or not to install the help files. Which is fine when you consider it decreases the installation size from 270K to a modest 98K. Your modem log will more likely take up more disk space than the 3 program files.

The program allows you to synchronize your system with a variety of server types. The supported severs are UNIX TCP/IP, UDP, and SNTP. You may choose more than one server to ensure a quick response if your first choice happens to be busy. If you run a server, YATS will allow others running YATS to set their computer to your system time as well.

When you start the program, you are prompted with a yes or no box stating that you have no time servers defined. Clicking on yes adds two preset servers and pressing no allows you to set one up yourself. The two preset servers are the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Use is kept simple. Your options are to add, delete or edit your server information; set the time; and change the custom options. Click on "add server" and you simply enter a name for your server, the IP address or name address, and finally the type of server (usually TCP). Before you choose to set your system time, you may want to select a few of the custom options. Option are to run minimized, close after setting time, set time at startup, and to continuously keep time set at a set number of minute intervals.

Now you are ready to set your system time. Clicking on Set Time, the status display lets you know exactly what YATS is doing. Assuming all went well, the last two lines announce your time stamp was received, and what the time is your system has been set to.

YATS serves it's purpose just fine, however it could benefit from integration with Windows 95's time zone features. This way if you select a server outside of your time zone, the hours remain the same. Setting my clock to the U.S. Naval Observatory set my clock two hours back. It looks better than many other time clients, and does allow you to setup multiple servers. Overall, if you are simply looking for a way to set your PC's time to another's server, you simply can't go wrong with YATS.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
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Reviewed by Jc Cowles

How to order:
Online: Go to their Web site at "" and click on "Register Online".
FAX: To 713-524-6398 ask for product #15063 and please type or block print very plainly.
Email: To PsL at ""

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