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Yeah Write

Type of Program: Word Processor
Supported Platforms: Windows 16 bit and 32 bit
Company Name; Word Place Inc
Version: 1.2
Price: Freeware/$19US
Installed Size: Around 2.5Mb with all options


As a simple, fast, yet feature rich word processor, the new incarnation of Yeah Write improves on an already very competent program. The program comes in three versions: the freeware cut down version, the full registered version at $19 US, and a 15 day free trial of the full version. You can install all three versions from the same 1.1 MB download. In addition to the 32 bit version for Windows 95 and NT, there is a 16 bit version for windows 3.xx users. Once installed, it takes up around 2.5 MB, but that includes dictionaries, backgrounds and other extras that can be downloaded from the Word Place site. As an all round word processor and integrated document management program, it excels.

The program was developed and written by ex-WordPerfect employees, and the quality of the program reflects the experience of all concerned. The idea of using templates to create documents is very easy to get used to, and the templates have been well thought out. The program is simplicity itself to use. Some users might think it too simple, but don’t allow that fact to put you off. It is a powerful and feature rich program, and, so simple to use, that anyone can be up and running in minutes. The means to customize the way the program looks are all built-in. Document storage within the program is extremely flexible. This program is probably the only one most people will ever need for the great majority of their word processing and letter writing needs. In operation, the program is fast and doesn’t eat up huge swathes of resources as some of the mainstream products do. Do you ever forget to save a document? No problem with Yeah Write--everything is automatically saved when the program closes.

The feature list is too long to list all the features here. The tabs for creating documents are as follows: Address list, Diary, General purpose, Journal, Memos, Notes, To Do lists, E-Mail, Faxes and Letters. Yeah Write is capable of sending both e-mail and faxes if you have a suitable Internet connection and a fax driver installed. Both these features are extremely simple to use, and both do their respective tasks very well. The Letters tab is divided up into sub tabs for Business letters, Business letters with Return Address, Envelopes, Envelopes with Return Address, and Personal letters. Some of the new features include backup and restore (one drawer or all drawers to either a drive or an ftp site if you have one), much better spell checking (with 11 new dictionaries for medical, British English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese Brazil, Spanish, and Swedish), new drawer types (an international drawer that comes with international versions of faxes and memo documents and a new kids drawer that contains a simpler address book, tabs for school assignments, general, diary and notes), a word count that is separate from the one included with the spell check, and much better international support throughout the program. For further details I strongly recommend you pay the home site a visit.

Overall it is a highly competent program with features that far outweigh it’s price. If your needs are modest (Yeah Write lacks support for graphics and tables), this is the program to try. I’ve used this program since the very early days, and I have been delighted with it. It has never given me a moments trouble and has always done everything I expected of it. I can have Yeah Write fired up and working while other word processors are still attempting to load. Give it a try; it costs nothing to use the basic features, and, if you wish to try the extended feature set, you have 15 days unlimited use. The freeware version lacks about 50% of the features found in the registered version, including some of the advanced text formatting options, however, it is still a very usable program. If you ever find you need support, which I very much doubt, the people at Word Place are very helpful, and any

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Reviewed by Mike Lumsden

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