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Yeah Write

Type of Program: Word Processor
Supported Platforms: Win 3.X, 95, NT
Company Name: Word Place, Inc.
Version: 1.2
Price: US$ 19 (free version also avalaible, with half the features of the full version)
Installed Size: 1.6 Megs


Sometimes, looking at things from a different point of view it is somewhat useful and, perhaps, innovating. It is the case of Yeah Write. This word processor starts from a completely point of view respect its most pompous and known cousins; that is, whatever you want to write, don't start from a blank page. The screen offers, beside the usual shortcut buttons for bold, italic underline, save, print, style and so on, a row of labels (like labels of folders), each one aimed at a specific writer's need. The options range from address book, to letters (commercial, informal, et cetera), diary, journal and so on up to an all-purposes option, ready for everything out of range of the other options. When you choose a label, a window appears, already arranged for the use for which it was chosen. All you have to do is to fill the blanks, and your document is ready to be printed. During every phase of the work you are assisted by a "quick help" window, showing the right tips useful to keep you working smoothly. Saving the document is a breeze, as Yeah Write saves it automatically when you close it, for example, giving as name the first words of the document itself. You are able, also, to export documents in other formats (text, WordPerfect 5.1 and few others, sorry, no Word for Windows format), and to import them as well. You can customize the appearance of your document at two levels. First one, the screen appearance: you can change fonts, style, paragraphs and so on, without affecting the following printed matter at all. When you decide to print, instead, from a preview window (no zoom option, unfortunately) you can decide the changes that will affect the appearance of the printed matter.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: Word Place, Inc. 11 East 200 North, Suite 201,
Orem Utah 84057
Phone: 801-221-7777 Fax: 801-221-7707 Email:
How to Pay: Check, MC, VISA, AmEx, Discover. Go to Homepage and follow instruction to Purchase

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