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Type of Program:Fortune Telling
Supported Platforms:WIN 95, Win 3.1x
Company Name:JPB Creative Company Limited
Version:not stated
Installed Size:5456Kb


I have seen some daft programmes in my time, but this one is a classic. The clunky install routine eventually leads to a mystic looking screen with three buttons. One leads to a little ramble about the way world governments have suppressed the secrets of the mathematically based fortune telling system known as ZDA for centuries. The others offer a fortune or a decision. For the fortune option the user has to give their name, date of birth and marital status, then the programme flashes some icons, and displays three obviously random answers.

My love fortune was to introduce something new and exciting into my love routines (my husband liked that one). My money one was to contribute more to charity, and my life fortune was so corny I have forgotten it already.

The decision involved staring into a pair of lit up eyes, then clicking a button. I was told to play music while I consider, which as I had Bon Jovi in my headphones was probably good advice.

The programme warns that not paying the twelve dollars will lead to incorrect and strange answers, as will having more than one fortune a day. In my opinion loading the software in the first place will have exactly the same effect.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott(

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