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GIF Movie Gear


Type of Program: Multimedia
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Company Name: Gamani Productions
Version: 2.61
Price: $30.00
Installed Size: 418k


Move over Microsoft Gif Animator there's a new kid in town that everyone should take a look at. Its name is GIF Movie Gear and it's gonna make for some tough competition with it's sleek looks and ease of use to make animated Gifs, Film strips, and AVI files! With GIF Movie Gear you can import from .BMP/.DIB, .JPG, .GIF, .PSD, and .ANI and then alter the imported graphic to export to an animated gif, a still gif, an AVI file or a complete filmstrip not to mention the ability to make your graphic Web-ready complete with the HTML code needed.

This is ONE tool you need to seriously take a look at if you do any amount of graphic work for the Web or otherwise! It shows your animated gif within frames that look like actual "film strips" that allow you to move any frame to any position, reduce or optimize the colors, choose the transparency, set the animation speed of individual frames (or globally), and much more! Is your graphic the wrong size or angle? Simply select a frame(s) and resize, crop, or rotate to your liking. With this program, the choices are all yours to make the image exactly as "you" want.

Gamani Productions seem to know what it means to work seriously with animated gifs. Don't let the size of the program scare you (only 418k installed). It only serves to make it that much faster and the many options available at your command should be just what you need. For the price you'll be mastering your animated gifs and AVI files with ease so pick this program up and register it within the 30 trial period.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King

Purchase can be made online, phone, fax or snail-mail.

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