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Great Literature

Type of Program: Reference CD
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Bureau of Electronic Publishing
Version: N/A
Price: 1.99-39.95
Installed Size: <1MB

Great literature is a dos based database (will run in Windows) of almost every know great work of literature known! From Romeo and Juliet to The Declaration of Independence to the Gettysburg Address, you will find it here in Great Literature CD-ROM.

The program is an easy to use database program that features multiple search capabilities and user friendly interface. The database is very large, and take up almost the whole CD.

When I found this software, I was amazed to find how inexpensive the software was. This great library of literature would cost over a hundred dollars if the Bureau of Electronic Publishing had not made it so that everyone could own the software for just a small cost. I praise the Bureau for all their work, and I recommend this software to readers and writers alike.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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