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Interplay's 10 Year Anthology

Type of Program: CD Game Collection
Supported Platforms: Dos
Company Name: Interplay
Version: N/A
Price: $9.95 and up
Installed Size: 1-8MB Each game


Interplay's 10 Year Anthology, produced in 1993, showcases Interplay's 10 greatest games from 1983-1993. Needless to say, some of these classics are raw like uncooked hamburger, but historic games like Battle Chess, Lord of the RIngs, and Star Trek 25th Anniversary, as well as the little known classics like Mind Shadow, Tass Times in Tonetown, and the Bard's Tale, should not be considered raw, because these games were the best of their kind, especially since battle chess, is 9 years old!

Other games in this collection include; Wasteland, Dragon Wars, Castles, and Out of this world. I loved exploring, fighting, and socializing in the Bard's Tale, but I often got lost due to the old, (yes raw) 3D movement. The few times that Wasteland worked on my computer, it was a great game, but again, I got lost a lot. Tass Times in Tonetown, Mind Shadow and Dragon Wars were impossible to play for me. They were easy to control games, but most of the time, I got lost, or didn't know a command for a game or something like that.

Castles is the best game in the Anthology for me. It's intriguing and challenging game play put me up on the throne as the King. And what King should be without a grand castle? Castles is actually two games in one. Most of the time I tired to build a huge castle and raise my army, but sometimes, I has my King duties to attend to. For instance, there was a war, some superstitions from a nun, and my precious game deer were being eaten by some rebellious man. I loved being attacked in the beginning of the game. My armies crushed the poor little bad guys, but towards the end of the game, when I almost competed my grand castle, a large enemy army attacked, and I ended up loosing my entire army, and they destroyed my beautiful castle.

Battle Chess was a great game, probably the best chess game that I ever played, up until I upgraded to a Pentium, then it stopped working! Lord of the rings and Star Trek were great at the beginning, but I could not get past a certain point.

Overall, I recommend this classic series, if you can find it. It has some great games, but others, are very difficulty, and some of their early 3D games will make you dizzy eventually.

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Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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