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Longbow Anthology

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Type of Program: CD Flight Sim Game
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98
Company Name: Janes Combat Simulations/Electronic Arts
Version: N/A
Price: $40.00 and up
Installed Size: varies


Everyone of my readers knows about my fascination with flight. I have to personally recommend this game. It is a near perfect helicopter simulation with among the best graphics ever seen in its class and extreme use of detail. Longbow Anthology combines the acclaimed AHD64 Longbow and Longbow 2 games with the Flash point Korea levels added into this incredible 4 CD-ROM power pack of military flight.

I run a good system, so I was able to runs this game smoothly, I recommend at least a Pentium 200 with at least 48MB of RAM, and of course for any goof flight game, a 3D accelerator (Voodoo based chip set recommend) card and some VRAM as well. If you have one of those power packed systems, you'll run this game incredibly well, and or course, you don't NEED a 3D accelerator card, but it always helps to fully enjoy a game.

There's not much more to say, its made by Janes' so you know it super high realism and its also made by EA, so you know it's all "In the Game." Great graphics, great sound, and that ever annoying speedbumb, I give this one as least an hour learning curve, but, there's plenty of trainers in this game so try them first and READ THE MANUAL like always. You need to master the controls, because you can't afford to have to look for the command to change weapons to an air-to-air missile during a surprise dog fight. Check this game out!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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