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PGA Tour Golf 486

Type of Program: CD Golf/Sports Game
Supported Platforms: Dos
Company Name: Electronic Arts/EA Sports
Version: 486
Price: 19.95-29.95
Installed Size: <1MB

PGA Tour Golf 486 was one of the first Golf Sims to use actual voice sound effects and water splashes, and many other sounds. Published in 1994, EA created an instant template for future golf simulations. Most golf games now use the swing system that PGA Tour Golf 486 used. The standard 3 click swing system has been used on almost every golf sim, including Links LS 98.

The game features 9 digitized PGA tour pros, 3 TPC Championship courses, and the ability to compete against 56 PGA Tour pros. Other game play features include snap-around view, variable weather conditions, fast redraw rate, 4 types of play; stroke, skins, match, and tournament, and multiple play settings. PGA Tour Golf 486 is also very user friendly, and you can install, run, and play PGA Tour Golf 486 in a matter of minutes.

PGA Tour Golf 486 has my personal recommendation. Despite its 4 year age. PGA Tour Golf 486 is still a contender in the golf world, and will not put a damper on your budget.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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