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Power Desk Utilities 98

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Type of Program:Desktop Utilities
Supported Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT
Company Name: Mijenix Corporation
Version:PowerDesk 98
Price: 39.95
Installed Size:8MB RAM - (16MB for NT)19MB free disk space
Note: to reduce the size of the evaluation version so that it can be
downloaded, the MicroSoft Office and HTML viewers were excluded.


Out of all the programs that I have tried, this one is a program that I have realized that I can't live without. Usually when I am on a search for that " Perfect Program" that will make my life easier, I find that either it only does one good thing or I don't like it at all. So I'm back on the shareware hunt again. Being a web designer, I am forever filling up my hard and zip drive with clipart, new ideas, animation, and lots of other stuff that I download and forget about. I found this one for me really does it all. Power Desk is made up of seven different modules...


The PowerDesk file manager (simply called "PowerDesk") is the heart of the program, and functions as a replacement to Windows Explorer. It offers many features not found in Explorer, such as:
a) toolbars, offering one-click access to menu commands, many of which are also not found in Explorer
b) drivebar, giving you one-click access to all mapped drives
c) launchbar, basically a fully customizable "toolbar" for shortcuts
d) Viewer Pane (to access, use Options|Viewer Pane), supports 80 different file types, so you can quickly preview a file without opening it or leaving PowerDesk. Fully integrated with QuickView Plus if you have it.
e) Zipping/Unzipping (see the Archive menu), fully handles the standard zip archive format, and even allows you to see the contents of a zip file in the file list (and preview them in the viewer pane).
f) File encryption (see File|Encrypt/Decrypt), allows you to encrypt your files with a password. Full DES encryption available at no charge upon written request.
g) Command Line (see Options|Command Line), gives you quick and easy access to a DOS command line, which will control the open directory in PowerDesk.
h) Full context menu support. Many useful PowerDesk options are available from the right-click context menus, such as zip/unzip, copy/move to, etc.
i) Graphic file converter (File|Convert Picture File), lets you convert bitmap files to jpegs, or convert between any of the 24 different supported
graphic file types.
j) Email attachment decoder (Archive|Decode Files), lets you decode uuencoded files, MIME files, or bin/hex files.

File Finder

This is an advanced file finder which lets you search based on file attributes, dates, text strings, and more.

Size Manager

A useful tool which gives you both a graphical (bar graph) and numerical indication of where the space on your hard drive is going. See which folders are eating up that space.

Folder Synchronizer

Lets you synchronize the files in two folders, including their subfolders. This is useful when keeping a backup copy on another drive up-to-date, or when transferring a working directory between work and home, etc.

Dialog Helper

A nifty little tool that modifies the Open and Save As dialog boxes for many applications. Dialog Helper adds two small buttons (one for folders and one for files) to the title bar of the Open and Save as dialog boxes, to give you quick access to recently accessed folders and files. It also lets you resize these dialog boxes.

Think of the Toolbar as a fully customizable command center for Windows. Run the Toolbar Wizard to create your first toolbar, which you can then customize as you wish. You can add shortcuts, system monitors, a clock, a calendar, easy access to your start menus, a Print Screen button, a tool called Multi-View (which gives you up to 16 different "virtual" desktops), and many more useful tools.

I hate to admit this but many times after a program runs out of trial time I usually replace it with something else that I find on line. But when this one ran out I realized just how much I really needed and depended on it. This one is a winner !!!

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Reviewed by Cindi Prorok

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