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Type of Program: Internet Bookmark Manager
Supported Platforms: Windows 9X
Company Name: Kaylon Technologies
Version: 3.03
Price: $24.95
Installed Size: 600K


If you surf the Web as much as I do then Powermarks is a MUST HAVE UTILITY!! It is unlike any bookmark management software I have used before and is without a doubt the last one I will try because they got it right. Powermarks offers all the normal functions a good bookmark manager should have such as easy importing of Netscape Bookmarks, Internet Explorer Favorites and Opera Hotlists. It will launch your default browser when you select a bookmark. There however is where the similarities between Powermarks and other bookmarking utilities ends. Powermarks builds a fully searchable "dictionary" of keywords based on each website's url. This dictionary is editable by the user or via a neat function called Fetch which actually connects to the url and downloads the keyword list for that site for you. Powermarks can also recheck the url's to make sure the links are still valid. The database the program creates is stored in a plain HTML file format and not some proprietary type. You can export your bookmarks as Rich Text Files, HTML Files, Netscape Bookmark Files, Ascii text files, Delimited Ascii text files or the one I like the best HTML Formatted for printing which allows you to print out your bookmarks. The searches can be done based on keywords or Exact Phrasing and all boolean functions are supported. Searches are FAST so that even if you have hundreds or thousands of bookmarks you can find the one you want quickly and easily. The install and uninstall of the program ran without a hitch and the program's small size is refreshing in this age of multi-megabyte executables. I highly recommend you give this one a chance. You will wonder, as I have, how you ever got along without a program like Powermarks.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Jeff Worley

The program can be purchased online via secure server credit card order,
via toll free phone call, via fax or mail

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