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Type of Program: Text Editor/Translator
Supported Platforms: Win 3.x Win95/98
Company Name: Hagsten & /Co:
Version: 3.2
Price: $15.00
Installed Size: 2.6M


Tolken97 is a multifunctional language program you can use as a translator, text editor, dictionary, and vocabulary tester.

Find a Web page that interests you but is written in French, for example, just copy the text to Tolken97 and set the translate option to French to English. The program will translate words, phrases, or both, as you prefer. In just a few seconds, the French document is returned with as many words as possible translated. The program doesn't get all the words, but you'll be able to get the overall meaning of most documents. You can get a list of untranslated words and if you are really ambitious you can add them to the dictionary with the translation building the dictionary as you use the program.

Translations to and from the following languages:

* Danish to English, English to Danish.
* French to English, English to French.
* German to English, English to German.
* Norwegian to English, English to Norwegian.
* Spanish to English, English to Spanish.
* Swedish to English, English to Swedish.

* Danish to Swedish, Swedish to Danish.
* English to Swedish, Swedish to English.
* French to Swedish, Swedish to French.
* German to Swedish, Swedish to German.
* Norwegian to Swedish, Swedish to Norwegian.
* Spanish to Swedish, Swedish to Spanish.

Tolken97 can also be used as a multilingual dictionary, to test or add to your vocabulary, the test is only from Swedish to English. The English word is spoken you type in the Swedish word, if it is correct it is then spoken

The program is simple to use, instructions straight forward, all in all a nicely laid out program with great potential.

Thirty day evaluation period given. Can be purchased on line major credit cards.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Elizabeth Taylor

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