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Baseball Mogul

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Type of Program: Game/Sports/Baseball
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98 CD-ROM
Company Name: Wizard Works
Version: '99
Price: $19.99
Installed Size: 10-89MB


Ok let's see here. Game doesn't run in full screen mode. That's a minus. No high resolution support; not good. Very little sound and merely mediocre graphics; needs improvement. All the major leaguers names are changed; no actual team or league names; this means that they didn't get the official MLB license to use the players names and likeness'.

The algebraic problem is: Good baseball game = G + S + R + L, If G = graphics, S = sound, R= realism, and L= Official MLB LICENSE

In all fairness; the game features somewhat realistic playing, the ability to sign free agents, make trades, and create your own team, but this is not your typical baseball video game. You are the General Manager of your team and it's your job to get the players and cash needed to create a World Series winning team.

I was not particularly impressed with this game. It needs a lot of improvement and added sound and overall quality. They created this game to be a low price, addictive baseball game, and it basically is, but hence the term, "low price." You pay for what you get folks, and you get $19.99 worth of game here.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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