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CompuPic Digital Content Manager

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Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.x/9.x/NT, Mac
Company Name: Photodex
Version: 4.0
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 4.4MB


CompuPic was good. ViewSafe was great. CompuPic DCM 4.0 comes out. Notice the pattern?

CompuPic DCM 4.0 is Photodex's newest multimedia war machine. And trust me, this one is a B-2 Stealth Bomber which makes the competition look like 30 year old Mig 17's. If you don't know modern military aviation that well, CompuPic DCM is one of the best graphics viewing, conversion, and editing program now available.

Of course *sigh* no new program is without its share of minor bugs. I searched, played, and all out begged for bugs and only found two on this entire program. When I open a graphic in Windows Explorer, it runs CPIC and displays the graphic, but when I exit, the program performs an "illegal operation" (WIN 95) and terminates. This is a minor bug seeing how most of the graphics work should be done within CompuPic 4.0's extensive and powerful file manager program. Within it you can view, convert and edit graphics. You can also watch movies in CompuPic DCM 4.0, but that's where the 2nd bug comes in. When I run a movie, it runs correctly, but it will not exit the movie, and if I run a second movie, the program terminates. But it’s a new program and I'm sure that they'll iron out the bugs.

Graphics viewing (while in the actual program) is superior to any other program. The only competition I see is in ACDSee, which views graphics without any bugs. GIF animation is also far superior when compared to any other graphics program, including ACDSee. Another interesting fact is that GIF animation and overall quality beats every single pre-1998/99 Microsoft program released with the exception of MS Front Page which is one of the few MS programs that view Ani-GIFS.

Overall, Photodex has done it again and CompuPic DCM 4.0 should become one of the most popular graphics programs within a few months.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by John Guilfoil -

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