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Graphic Workshop Professional

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Type of program: Image management
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company name: Alchemy Mindworks, Inc
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 2.0a
Cost: $40
Installed size: 5.2 MB


This program has to be the best graphic program ever written by the best graphic program author ever! If that sounds like a sweeping statement, well it's not; however, I must add that I won't be able to tell you EVERYTHING about the program or the authors, or you will be reading this review for 45 minutes! [And that's with speed reading!]

First of all, I got to say that the people at Alcheemy have the kind of sense of humor that appeals to me. Here is a direct quote regarding not registering this program:

"Oh yes - should you fail to support this program and continue to use it, a leather winged demon of the night will tear itself, shrieking blood and fury, from the endless caverns of the nether world, hurl itself into the darkness with a thirst for blood on its slavering fangs and search the very threads of time for the throbbing of your heartbeat. Just thought you'd want to know that."

They also have many other things to help you, such as an animated gif construction program, [with a help file that doesn't need a degree in engineering or a certification from computer school to understand]; and when you need a break from working, they have several sub-sites [is that a word?] that will delight you. One of my favorite is 100 more Commandments, this operates on the premise that the other 15-I mean 10 [Moses was soo clumsy] are ok, but somewhat outdated. I especially like the one that states, "Thou shall not brandish an uzi while following an old person." And of course, regarding the program I'm reviewing, [thought I'd forgotten that, huh?] the help they offer to use their programs don't stop on your hard drive. They have more help on-line, and if you e-mail them, they even answer-promptly!

Everything is set up to give the user the maximum ease of use. They support 46 different graphic file formats, [and they explain what everyone of them are] including such often used stuff such as Amiga, MacPaints, Corel, and AppleQuickTime Movies. Most programs don't go that far.

Unlike the classic graphic workshop, this one is set up like File Manager, or Explorer is you must, with a directory tree on the left, and on the right is shown EVERY text, graphic, [and graphic files have a thumbnail right there without you having to ask for one] or wav file that is in each directory. [Sorry no playing games from inside graphic workshop-what do you want-it already does everything except put the cat out at night]. Go to a directory with a whole bunch of graphics, and one click will tag all, and a second click will run slide show. This starts at the beginning and loads each file one at a time, [take as long to study it as you want, hitting enter will close that one and bring up the next file in line].

You can convert between file formats, cut sections out of a picture, dither to black and white, color reductions and other effects, get information about images, print, reverse image to negative, scales to make larger or smaller, rotate and flip images, run a slideshow, create and print thumbnail catalogs, tag all images, untag all, delete all files tagged, rename, set options, go to help, exit program, change directory, select file display mode, moves and copies files, scans or acquires images from a TWAIN source, and adds captions to images; and that is just the toolbar!

When you print a picture you can set it to autosize to fit the page, or set it with scaling you enter the numbers on yourself, or set it from 100 % to 800 %.

Even if you are not that into graphics, but you do have some pictures around, having this program just to convert from .bmp to .jpeg, [which takes up a WHOLE lot less room] will justify the expense and the room this program takes. No computer should be without it!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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