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Jammer Professional

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Type of Program: Music - Midi composer/arranger
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1/ Windows95
Company  Name: SoundTrek
Version: 3.0
Price: $129
Add on: 3 extra libraries of drum styles and band styles (29.95$ each)
Installed Size: 18MB Full install with 3 Band style banks and 3 Drum style banks.


Sometimes you come across an outstanding program that you just can't keep yourself from coming back to over an over again. Jammer professional is of that rare category. There is just no equivalent to it on the market today short of programming something like it yourself (good luck!). It is like having, available all the time, a bunch of musicians ready to improvise for you. It can compose a progression, improvise on one, create an arrangement from even just a melody (yes, Jammer does that too!). It is also a 250 tracks Midi sequencer capable of recording in real time anything you throw at it. Within Jammer, you can also write your own lyrics on a leadsheet-like staff, input chords directly from your midi guitar or keyboard and export the complete piece or selected measures/tracks as a midi file.

Initially conceived as a MIDI inspirational tool for composers arrangers and musicians, Jammer has grown to be a complete tool for creating impressive music pieces from nothing. It will also render any known music pieces in an unlimited number of styles. With the professional version of Jammer you have complete virtual control on the way each member of the band will perform and at the same time you keep getting creative variations within the limits that you set. Everything is programmable in the professional version of Jammer but you don't need to program anything if you just use the style libraries available with the program in which case you should maybe buy instead the easier and very affordable JAMMER SongMaker (69$) and JAMMER Hit Session (39$) versions of Jammer.

Outstanding features: Versatility: I have created pieces ranging from classical, folk, new age, dance and hard rock with equal ease, pleasure and success. The drum and percussions parts generated are outstanding. Very musical. The fact that the people behind the programmation are real musicians really makes this piece of software shine.

Wish list: 1) I would love SoundTrek to add a way to direct and record in real time the tempo variations of a piece. That feature, in my opinion, would make any piece created with Jammer undistinguishable from the real thing. 2) It would also be nice for Jammer to integrate audio recordings. Right now Jammer is limited to MIDI operations only. 3)Individual note editing within Jammer would also be a big plus. Right now, you have to use an external Midi editor/sequencer via the clipboard or import/export functions in Midi file format. 4)Overall appreciation: Get this program! Ideal for original Web site music, composing, arranging or just plain creative fun!


Available online at: The demos of JAMMER software are full working copies of each version with the Save Song, Save Template, Export MIDI File, Print Lead Sheet, and Looping features disabled.

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Reviewed by Georges Payer

Purchase contact:
Lawrence Emerson

Payment should be in US dollars and may be made via credit card, money order, cashier's check, or a personal check drawn on a US bank. SoundTrek accepts Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover credit cards. Personal checks are held for 10 business days to clear the bank before shipping products. .
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