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Brain Wave Generator

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Type of program: Brain stimulation application using binural bits
Supported platforms: Windows 95/NT 4
Company name: Noromas Solutions
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 1.10
Cost: $30
Installed size: 200 KB


A brain wave stimulation application creates sounds with binuaral beats, these are used for relaxation, meditation, enhancing learning capabilities, sleep induction, self-hypnosis, etc.

Now! Since neither you nor I have the foggiest idea what that sentence meant, lets explore. This tiny little program just about made feel as dumb as I have all weekend. It has 21 preset "noises" [no put-down, I just don't know what to call them] Advanced options has you wondering what the 'number of memory blocks, length of memory blocks, [and who'memory are we blocking-mine or the computer's?], samples per second, bits per samples, and frequency resolutions have to do with your brain and whatever usage caught your eye. Then, stay awake and come with me kiddies, we go to wave options. I discovered parameters. sweep parameters, and sweep end, [is it just me or does that last sound like it's missing a word?], all of which come with frequency, modulation, etc and audible frequencies; AND something about circular modulation, [that sounded a little dirty] AND fades-fade out, fade in, fade time, and fade weight. Now when I saw that a fade has weight, and you could set it at the click of a mouse. [wish MY weight would work like that], well, I must discovered at that point, I was afraid someone would explain this to me!

Now I listened to each of the 21 sounds, and without cranking up the quad speakers I would say that they all shared one thing, the note that they played was a monotone. Some of them reminded me rather unpleasantly of the old-what was it called-the Konrad warning system-you remember the one, it was guaranteed to wake the dead so they could tell you the bombs were coming and you'd die in 32 minutes [oops think I just gave up my age!]

Now all these sounds were given a name, [i.e. meditation deep, meditation general, and reset sodium/potassium ratio-now wait a minute-what does a noise got to do with..... Anyway, while I personally think these sounds would give me a headache, and while I didn't listen to any of them for the fade time, [I'm sorry, I was getting a headache], I do realize that sounds and brain waves are a serious study, they are studied at Universities, and I figure the people that study them must have a something behind their name-you know something-D. or something A. They would have to, if you accept the premise that 15 minutes of a certain sound would hypnotise you, [or change you sodium/potassium-ok,ok I'll behave], then WHY do we the ability to change the stuff behind the sound. No this is nothing for someone like me, who has to look up words like frequency and modulation every so often just to check in. Do you know what a woofer is? or a tweeter? or even Dolby sound means? NO? Good! Lets go play with our brainwaves. Something like this should either not have the capability to be changed, or it should have EXTREMELY good help files! Did I mention you have to be on the internet to touch the help files?

No, sorry-download this for a hoot, keep it away from the kids, and then toss it.

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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