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CDH Image Explorer Pro

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Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: CDH Productions
Version: 3.7
Price: $50.00
Installed Size: 10.4MB


CDH Image Explorer Pro is a complete, all-in-one graphics solution. If you need to do anything concerning graphics chances are this program will do it. It's capabilities includes viewing, creating, thumbnails, slideshow, capturing, acquiring, icon extracting, batch file conversions, printing, sending, standard editing features, creating 3D text, creating 3D shapes, drawing, converting to grayscale, 15 effects, filtering, creating animated gifs, picturize current directory, viewing and editing video files, and more. It is TWAIN compliant so you can use it to acquire images from your scanner. There are so many features and options it's hard to decide just where to start describing them all. This program has over 40 advanced image manipulation, processing, and special effects features.

This program supports over 50 formats including JPG, JIF, JPE, BMP, DIB, CUT, GIF, FXP, FXS, GEM, ICO, ICN, ICL, CUR, PCX, DCX, WMF, EMF, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP2, CAL, EFX, EPS, FAX, AWD, WFX, MAC, MSP, PCD, PCT, PIC, PNG, PSD, RAS, RLE, TGA, TIF, WPG, and CMP including variations of many of the formats! You can view or save as any of the formats. All the supported formats are enough to make this a great program but that just scratches the surface of what this program will do.

The ease of use and the excellent documentation are also a plus. As I said at the beginning of the review if it has any thing to do with graphics most likely this program will do it plus some. The only thing I could see that would improve this program would be the ability to work with more than one image at a time. When you do a screen capture or create an image you better save it before you open another image because it will be replaced. To get a complete picture of all this program will do I suggest you take advantage of the 20-day trial period. The program is not crippled in any way nor is there a nag screen during the 20-day trial. When the 20 day trial is up the program ceases to function.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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