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DX-Ball 2

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Type of Program: Game
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: Longbow Digital Arts
Version: 1.25
Installed Size: 4394K


DX-Ball 2 like the original DX-Ball is an awesome breakout style game. It isn't your typical style breakout game although the object of the game is the same which is keep the ball from falling off the screen and clear all the blocks off the screen by hitting them with the ball. This game is different because of all the objects that fall when you break the bricks. The objects are expand paddle, shrink paddle, split ball, thru brick, extra life, kill paddle, set-off exploding, level warp, shrink ball, fireball, zap bricks, fast ball, shooting paddle, slow ball, super shrink, grab paddle, multiple exploding, and falling bricks. You have to catch the objects with your paddle or they don't do anything. As you can tell not all of the objects are good. The general rule is if it has a red border it is bad, if it has a blue border it is good, and if it has a grey border you will get mixed results.

You control this game with your mouse. The left mouse button releases the balls and shoots (when you have that option). There is an easy to play kid mode making this a great game for all ages. The main differences between the original and this one is that it runs better and is easier to use not to mention the different levels. The game is really free but you only get 4 levels in each of the six sets available (total of 24 levels). To get all 150 levels (25 levels in each of the 6 sets) you must register the program. This game requires DirectX.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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