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Active Media's Eclipse

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Type of Program: Screen Saver Creator
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98
Company Name: Active Media Technology Limited
Version: 3.0
Price: FREE (Personal Edition)
Installed Size: 12mb


Marvelous. This, in a word best sums up Active Media's Eclipse Screen Saver program available right now through Active Media. With the program you can design and build many types of screen savers through its easy interface and the 25 built-in transitions. Simply decide on what type of screen saver you want to create (i.e.; a clock, a date and time version, one that dissolves your screen, etc), click a few times here and there to adjust the properties, and presto, you have one that can be installed and run under WIN95/98/NT or WIN 3.x

Perhaps what makes this program simply one of the easiest programs around is that you not only have total control over the final outcome but you can package it all from within the program itself, ready to deliver to other users. In the package you create you can decide how the final package will be installed on the user's computer including a desktop icon for the application as well as an uninstall feature! What's really nice is the personal portfolio you have of all creations, as well as a summary of individual ones that track the files size, as well as the total time you've spent on the project.

With three flavors to choose from, there's sure to be one suited just right for you as listed below:

FLAVOR #1 - Free Download The Personal Edition of Active Media's Eclipse is the downloadable file and is available free. This evaluation version is the Personal Edition that also gives you a 10 day trial copy with full use of the abilities found in the Developer Edition (see below).

FLAVOR #2 - The Developer's Edition Create your Screen Saver in minutes then include documentation such as Readme files, etc into the final program, ready to be packaged and delivered to Internet users! You can create and distribute Screen Savers to an unlimited number of other PC users in this edition and compress it into a single self-installing and uninstalling setup file. Keep track of all savers you create and gain easy access of them through the "Portfolio" option.

FLAVOR #3 - The Professional Edition The Professional Edition includes the same features found in the Developer's Version plus many extras including the ability to create Screen Savers in different languages, make your own Evaluation Screen Savers, include your own personal logos on dialog setup boxes, manage your files through Network Manager and much more!

So, the next time you see a great screen saver and you say to yourself; "Wow! Why can't I make something like that?" Now you probably can as long as you have an idea, some original graphics, and of course Active Media's Eclipse Screen Saver program. Visit their site today and check it out!

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Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King
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