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Type of Program:Word Processor
Supported Platforms:DOS, Windows 3x, 95, 98
Author's Name:Robert P. Bullion
Price:$10 Check
Installed Size:180k


Finally! is a basic word processor which seems to be ideal for people running older computers that may have a very small hard drive and not much processing power.

Finally! can be run from a floppy disk instead of the hard drive. It can be optimized for DOS and configured fairly easily. Hot keys can be assigned for frequently used names, addresses, etc. TruType or Bit map fonts can be used. A search function is included but no spell checker. The print function will print envelopes and labels but I had trouble getting it to work correctly. Filenames are restricted to eight characters. A free financial calculator is also included.

Although not as simple or flexible to use as Word Pad in Win 95/98, it useful to those working in the DOS environment.

User Friendly
Ease of Install
Reviewed by Damon D. Wallace

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