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Type of Program: Office Suite
Supported Platforms: Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/95/98, Macintosh, OS/2
Company Name: Star Division Corporation
Version: 5.0
Price: Free
Installed Size: ??


StarOffice is a web integrated office suite. Much like Word Perfect and Microsoft Office this program includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, address book, drawing program, presentation program, event planner, a built-in browser, database access, HTML editor, mail/news reader, formula editor, and so on. Programmed in Java it will function across platforms and it is even MS Office 97 compatible. However it can't open WordPerfect or Ami Pro documents.

I am not going to go into all the features because I am sure that most everybody has dealt with one of the other commercial office suites at one time or another and StarOffice is much like them coming closest to resembling Microsoft Office even including its own version of active desktop. What makes this program so great is that it is free, it takes up less room then the others, and it will work across different platforms (operating systems).

There is a few bad points I do need to point out. The first is this is about a 52 MB download so it might be advisable to use one of the download programs to download it and make sure the site you download it from is resumable. Another point that aggravated me is that although it is free you still have to register not once but twice. The first time you register you will get a number that will let you install the program. Once the program is installed and you run it the first time it will bring up a screen for another registration that will give you another number to register it with. Don't get me wrong I don't blame the company for wanting to know who is getting their product but I think one registration should be enough. Anyway it is a great program so if you have the time and patience to download it you should be satisfied.

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Reviewed by Zonia Heath -

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