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Type of Program: Time Clock Program
Supported Platforms: DOS Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT
Company Name: Versatile Software Solutions, Inc.
Version: 5.0
Price: $79.00
Installed Size: 2MB


TimeCapture is a computer employee time keeper. Instead of an employee having to put a time card in a machine or write their time in and out on one they can use the computer. They start the Time Capture Time Clock program and enter their code and it will bring up a screen displaying Their Name, Last Recorded Date and Time, and Current Time. It also has buttons for them to click. Under Regular time they can click Time In or Time Out whichever the case may be. Under Break Times they also have buttons for Time In and Time Out. Other options include send message in case they need to say something to whoever is keeping track of the employee hours and they can choose Type of Time from a drop down list. After clicking on in or out they click on exit on the next screen.

For the employer there are a lot of options that you can customize. The program the employer uses is Time Capture File Management. >From here you can setup all the options, add/delete employees, add/delete Departments, add/delete Type of Time, and so on. Each employee record includes Code (their password), Department, First and Last Name and the ability to choose options. The options include Employee can choose time, Activate Half Hour Rounding, Activate Quarter Hour Rounding, Employee Message Capability, Employee Can View and print Own Times, and Employee Can Record Missed Times.

Their are several database views. The Employee Database views shows a list of all fields with yes or no under the option headers. You can Add New, Edit Highlighted, Print, Delete, and Exit. You can also set options for highlighted employee or complete groups here. Under the File Menu you can Open Hours File which will display all the Times and Dates In/Out that the employees have entered and the amount of time between the In and Out is figured for you and displayed. If you click on Search or Select Data Subset it will display all records matching First Name, Last Name, and/or Date Range.

The main appeal of this program lies in what it does with all the information in the databases. This program takes all the information in the databases and automatically computes the total times including overtime for you whenever you print a report. This can be a real time saver and eliminate errors of having to figure it by hand. The automatic figuring combined with the ability to customize the individual aspects and it's ease of use makes it an excellent program for any business. There are so many options and features I suggest you take advantage of the 30 day evaluation period to see what all it can do for you.

The major difference between the shareware and registered version is that in the shareware version the password for accessing the database is displayed. After the 30 days are up, the non-essential features will gradually stop working but you will not lose any of the records entered ever.

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