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Zip Office

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Type of Program: Compression tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT
Company Name: Atypie Software
Price: $30
Installed Size: 2 MB


Zip Office  is a tool for working with and compressing files. The compression formats it will handle are zip, cab, lha, bh, arc, arj, rar, uue, and zoo all without having to have external programs. It will perform all the basic tasks of other compression programs such as add, extract, view, delete, display, add to, and create new compressed files. The excellent context menus will make the basic tasks easier and quicker. It can be added to the Send To menu also so that you can perform the basic tasks from within programs such as Windows Explorer. It also has access to Favorites.

Besides the basic tasks of other compression programs this program will perform other tasks. The Active Zip will keep your compressed files updated by invisibly updating them when the files that was compressed changes. The Virtual folders will help to organize your downloads and compress files. The URL extractor will keep track of where you downloaded the file from if you have IE4 or above. The task scheduler can be used to schedule updates of your compressed files. Open API (registered users only) can be used to extract files directly from an application that was built with Access, Visual Basic, Delphi or any Windows language. The Check Out function will install the program.

There are lots of functions and enhancements over other compression programs. My favorite is the Save As function that will let you save a compressed file as a different format. I spend a lot of time uncompressing rar files then zipping them up. This is a pre release which means there isn't a help file at this time but the program is so easy to use that you shouldn't miss it. However for those of you who are new to compressing and uncompressing there are Wizards that will take you through compressing or extracting files step by step and even one for defining Active Zip. The benefits of registering includes the use of the Open API function as well as receiving all updates and new products from Atypie for free.

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