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Type of program: Graphics creator
Supported platforms:Win 9x
Company name: 3Dize
Version: 1.3
Cost: free
Installed size: 3971 KB


This program is incredible. It does so many different things, that to tell you of everyone of them I would have to take the room of several reviews. When I saw this program up for review, it said, in the description, for people that can't draw. I took this with a grain of salt, because clip art is also for people who can't draw; but clipart isn't no big thing. However, what you can do to each and every object the program comes with is really a trip!

There is 9 objects that come with the shareware version of this program; the program is shareware, which, while it does not disappear after 30 days, if you intend to use it after 30 days, the authors do desire you to pay the registration fee. This nets you an extra 2 dozen objects and you can go to the website and download some more objects for editing. Some are free and some are to be purchased, and they import easily into an unlocked version of Art-o-Matic. Also usin Tricks and Tips at the website willmake you aware of other features of Art-o-Matic you might niot have been aware of at first, such as colored lights, glow settings, and using undo/redo to create GIF animations.

The objects look like good quality clipart; it's what you can do with them after you place one in the main camera window. There is several toolbars, including a beginners, intermediate. and interactive. There is rotate object, rotate object around , which is around a cylinder that will keep object on the same plane, rotate camera around object. You can zoom in or out, get several camera views of the same object, [i.e. left right and top views], and one of the neatest edit buttons is editing the light. You can set the shadows, light, and the time of day; and cause the light to glow through part of the object. Also you can point the sun into the active camera, which changes the angle of the sun and the time of the day. you can change the color of the light and the intensity of its glowing. You can also edit the camera, lens, focus; actually there is many other editing options too numerous to all be mentioned here.

This also will plugin with Adobe Photoshop 4.0 to run the fire and chrome feature that automatically converts any image into all fire or all chrome.

If you like art at all, this program is a must because it has so many options to create different things from the same simple image. The price is excellent; many other programs would want twice the amount for half the options.

Editors Note:
We received the following  email on 13 August. We emailed Art-o-matic that day or the next. Three weeks have gone by with no response from this company. Therefore we have changed their support stars to ZERO

I downloaded Art-o-matic in June and shortly afterward I registered it via 900 number and received the unlock code. I had a crash on my system that necessitated reloading everything. I couldn't find my unlock code written anywhere so I sent 3dize an e-mail. That was the first week of July. Since then I have sent them a total of 4 e-mails and have not yet gotten an acknowledgment of any kind from them. I know you're not responsible for their lack of responsibility, but could you please tell me whom I might contact to complain about it? I know they received the e-mail, since I sent it through their own format and received an acknowledgment that it was received on their end. I would have thought that at the very least they would send me a "too bad" message. Can you help?

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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