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Crystal Site Updater

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Type of Program:Web site management system
Supported Platforms: WIN95/NT
Company Name: Crystal Art Software
Installed Size:1216Kb


When you add a whole new section to your website, it is easy to remember to upload it. However did you also upload the two new graphics that go with it? Or are you presented with the dreaded blank where a picture should be, and have to quickly upload the GIFs?

If you are a tinkerer, and make small changes as and when you think of them, or when you get five minutes to spare, it is easy to forget to upload a crucial change. If you have several web sites on the go the problem is even worse.

An efficient, fast running and easy answer is Crystal Site Updater. This excellent utility has a clean interface which is simple to use, and will handle as many sites as you need. You can tell it how you want updates done, and insist it asks first by listing the changes it proposes to make to the server side of the web site before it does anything - a big advantage over other utilities like this which blithely go ahead and delete what they consider to be redundant pages.

Crystal Site Updater will also check that all the links on your site work, both internally and externally, and even do uploads automatically using a predefined schedule.

The programming is faultless, highly easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort. Crystal Site Updater is a well-designed tool I would recommend for everyone who works with web sites.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott

Crystal Site Updater is 30 day shareware. It can be purchased using the Kagi on-line system, or offline using checks or any major credit card.

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