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HotDog Pro 4 SuperToolz

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Type of Program: HotDog Pro 4, Plug-ins
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: Sausage Software
Version: compatible with Pro versions 4.X and 4.5
Price: free & pricing given below
Installed size: various (see below)


Registered users of HotDog Pro 4 can seamlessly add extra functionality by plugging in the SuperToolz of their choice. SuperToolz plug-ins can be downloaded and automatically installed from inside HotDog Pro. Using the program's Auto Downloader, you'll be instantly informed of all availableSuperToolz, which ones are installed, even what updates are ready for your existing SuperToolz, plus updates to Hotdog Pro itself.

When you buy HotDog Pro version 4.5, these SuperToolz are included in the package; HotDog Express, JavaScript Editor, Java Text Effects, and the Java Animator. These tools can also be purchased separately, so I've included them below.

With these plug-ins, you'll make fewer trips to outside programs, a real help in speeding up your page development time. Plus, they're all easy to install and use. I tried out all the SuperToolz and was pretty tickled with each one. Two words of advice: try 'em!

New SuperToolz -- for Pro version 4.5+ only:

1) JavaScript Language Editor (408K), $49.95. Now you can easily edit JavaScript in your HTML files, to control events, change images, effects, etc. 2) Java Animator (450K), $49.95. Unlike animated GIFs, Java animations can roam across the screen, via defining different pictures/frames --creating a very different visual effect. 3) 1st Java Navigator (1.1M), $99.94. This makes it easy for visitors to navigate your site, works like a custom file manager. 4) eVend InfoSeller (998K), FREE. If you're using your website for sales, this takes no special expertise to set up. No setup costs either. Accepts micro-payments.

SuperToolz for Pro 4 -- any version:

5) Bandwidth Buster (193K), FREE. Get your site to load faster by compressing your GIFs. Image quality will be sacrificed somewhat, but do you users prefer quality or speed? 6) Button Editor (200K), FREE. Crop, resize, convert to GIF or JPG formats, add borders & text on images. To create buttons with URLs & target in the clickable area, use this with the Image Mapper. Great! 7) Image Mapper (200K), FREE. Creates clickable hotspots on your images or buttons, taking your web page visitor to the embedded URL/target. Some browsers can't read image maps, so be safe & include links at the bottom too. 8) Channel Wizard (170K), FREE. This creates and configures "add channel" buttons for browsers, such as Netscape Newscaster, IE4, and Pointcast, creating the link to the content pushed to them. The content is up to you. 9) GIF Movie Gear (425K), $20.00. This is a cool way to animate GIFs, easier than assembling a slide show. Does animated GIFs and AVIs, and reduce sizes with a single click. You can import from existing GIF, GIF filmstrips, AVI, or Photoshop. 10) JavaScript Tools (200K), FREE. Like a little kit, giving your page instant drop- down lists, search pads, clocks, timers, ISP cost calculator, popup windows, and more. Just click. 11) LinkExchange (165K), FREE. Adds a LinkExchange banner to your site. Online account registration is offered if you're new to LinkExchange. Great for advertisers. 12) Mirabilis (460K) Inserts an ICQ communcations panel on your page, allowing visitors to contact you directly. You must have ICQ installed first. 13) Multi File Find and Replace (220K), FREE. This looks through several files at a time, searches for text, special characters, and can use specified schemes. Powerful yet easy! 14) Real Audio/Video (1.3M), FREE. A handy way to put RealPlayer plug-ins on your page. Converts WAV files to RealAudio, AVIs to RealVideo, and even create RealMedia metafiles. 15) Safe Surf (160K), FREE. Rate your web page content, using the Safe Surf Rating Standard. This tool downloads your content ratings, and places a banner on your page. 16) Visual Table Editor (375K), FREE. Does this ever make table creation easy! A Table Wizard gives you six preformatted layout choices, or define layout yourself. The Quick Table feature is accessible inside this tool too. 17) Website downloader (190K), FREE. Useful to duplicate any website on your hard drive, for offline browsing. Even lets your search a site for certain types of files to download.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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