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MODPlug Player

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Type of Program: Multimedia/Audio (offline player)
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Author: Olivier Lapique
Version: 1.35
Price: free
Installed size: 230K


Listen to great quality MOD digital-music files with this stand-alone version of MOD Plugin that lets you play MOD files while offline. MOD-format music is based on a sampling system that's cross-platform compatible, so your music will play back exactly how the composer intended, no matter what kind of sound card you may have. MOD music has a rich, highly textured, and extremely realistic quality, far better than the MIDI or WAV renditions you've heard.

So go ahead and collect all those MODs you've found on the web -- and offline sound quality using MODPlug Player is even better than when played online! With this offline MOD player, you can select your soundcard setup (such as mixing quality, stereo, and more), player setup (such as spectrum analyzer, stereo spectrum, reverb, and more), directories (songs directory and register extensions), and packing ( a slider control to set the ADPCM sample compression).

Control buttons for major functions make the player easy to use, and it supports these 12 sound file extensions: 669, IT, MED, MOD, MOL, MTM, NST, S3M, STM, ULT, WOW, and XNM. (MODPlug Player also supports these 12 extensions when zipped as: MDZ, S3Z, XMZ, ITZ, and ZIP.) If you need a MOD player for MOD, S3M, XNM, and IT for Win95, it's the best.

Wonderful as MOD files sound, just remember they eat up more CPU resources while you're playing them, versus MIDIs or WAVs. So don't expects to run a whole bunch of applications with the MODs playing in the background. To save on CPU usage, you can set the mixer to 32KHz and still have pretty good sound quality. Also, Mono uses less CPU than stereo, and you can disable Multi-Point oversampling since it uses more CPU than you generally gain in sound quality anyway. Just set the options you want on the MOD Player control panel.

MODPlug Player is a wondrous thing to have is you love really good audio. For more information on where to get MOD music files, samples, on-line layers for your web site's music, and set-up resources, check out the MODPlug home page, as well as MODPlug Central at and Technical support forums can be found at The author also invites comments, questions, and suggestions: Olivier Lapicque at His home page is located at

(The MOD Plugin and MODPlug Tracker are also reviewed here at SharewareJunkies.Com.)

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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