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MODPlug Tracker

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Type of Program: Mutilmedia -- Audio (sound recorder)
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Authors Name: Olivier Lapicque
Version: Alpha 6
Price: free
Installed size: 310K


As if being a rabid MOD-io-phile weren't enough for you, here's one of the first Windows-based trackers, so you can compose your own digital-music MODs for your web page. Trackers, which are the programs used to compose MODS, come in many shapes and sizes.

ModPlug Tracker is one of the few trackers that doesn't use its own special module format, preferring instead to allow you to create Impulse Tracker, FastTracker II, and Scream Tracker modules. ( Impulse Tracker, even though it's DOS-based, is very popluar, easy to learn, and has many features that'll keep even advanced composers happy. FastTracker has mouse support and many users think it's pretty easy to learn. Easiest to learn by far is Scream Tracker, very simple even for beginners but not as full featured as some of the other trackers. ) So, using MODPlug Tracker, you have some wiggle room. And more functionality is inevitable as MODPlug Tracker moves from Alpha to Beta.

For more information on where to get MOD music files, samples, on- and off-line players, and set-up resources, check out the MODPlug home page, as well as MODPlug Central at and Technical support forums can be found at The author also invites comments, questions, and suggestions: Olivier Lapicque at His home page is located at

(The MOD Plugin and MODPlug Player are also reviewed here at SharewareJunkies.Com.)

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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