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Type of Program: Download Utility
Supported Platform: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
Company/AuthorName: ReGet Software/ Vladmir Romanov
Version: 3.0.123
Price: $29.95
Installed size: 1300kb


ReGet Pro is a power-downloader's dream come true, with the ability to queue up to 100 files. (ReGet Lite is limited to 4.) Every version I've tried has been stable and simple to use -- and 1.4 is completely compatible with Internet Explorer 5. ReGet now sports a revamped user userface, complete with a additional status panels and a colorful histogram of download progress.

The Pro' version's broad range of flexible features cover just about every contingency: You can set up file queues from FTP and HTTP sites, any size you like, and you can increase use of your bandwidth by specifying how many downloads you want to be simultaneous. If registration is required by a site, ReGet uses your cookie to access the site and get the target file.

Any interrupted downloads will be resumed where ReGet left off, and the status of each download is displayed in a single viewer window -- no toggling between different windows -- to make progress-checking simple. (Each file in a queue has its own log, so you can tell exactly what happened during downloading.) And progress icons on the viewer make status easy to determine at a glance. You can store defaults for frequently used download lists, such as for passwords, usernames, or local target directories for retrieved files. You don't need to wait around to type in information that ReGet can insert automatically.

For FTP downloads, ReGet can fetch entire directories, and will put it in your machine using the same directory structure. So FTP sites become easier to draw from, and the retrieved files retain their organization. If you're an avid collector of URLs on your clipboard, ReGet can be configured to add clipboard URLs on a variety of schedules you can specify -- and you can disable clipboard URL retrieval when you want to.

ReGet also works with all proxy-servers, and didn't take a big bite out of my system resources or CPU usage. Because of this, it's a great background downloader -- I've tried others that locked me down tight if I tried doing anything else (like open my email program) during a session. ReGet's very generous that way: you can actually use your machine while ReGet's chugging away. (Of course, pay in mind what you've asked ReGet to do. Simultaneous downloads, if you've chosen that option, will busy things up.) I've tried other downloaders that were finicky, didn't like my browser, my target directory, my operating system, or my hair color -- but ReGet proved happily reliable.

Both editions of this program are very easy to install, set up, and work with, and there's a good help file with more support and detailed FAQ at the product web site. ReGet's a keeper, a must-have if you do volume downloads! ReGet includes English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese language options. Pricing and registration information is contained both within the program and at the web site. By registering, you get full functionality, and turn off the ads.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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