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Type of Program: Graphic Viewer/Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: American Software
Price: Free


This little program is truly a poor man (or woman's) Photopaint. Why? Because it's good and it's free. Now that's a combination that's hard to beat! What does it do? First, of course, it reads most of your graphics files: GIF, JPEG, BMP, DIB, EPS, WMF, PCX, PNG, PCD, TGA, TIF, DXF, CMS, and ICO. But that's just the beginning. It also converts file types and resolutions, zooms, displays split screens, resizes and crops, rotates/flips/mirrors, supports clipboard and even dithers (if you're into dithering).

Now ad a whole bunch of the filters and effects that usually come with the high priced spreads and you have only begun. What it may lack in the very sophisticated functions of the big name programs it happily swaps for speed. Its relatively small footprint is gentle on hard drive space as well. It accommodates those of us who enjoy playing with our fonts, as well as the control types who like capturing screens and parts thereof. You can even dictate where you want your image on the printed page.

Top it all of with an almost instant thumbnail display and/or slide show of your pictures with spit screen to view the selected image. You could say 20/20 is to Photoshop as my little Mazda is to my friend's Mercedes: We both get to the same place at the same time....but I fit into a smaller parking space and have money left over for lunch. <g>

User Friendly:
Cost: (Freeware)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Wanda Harlow

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