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Type of Program: PIM-like Saver
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: PC Dynamics, Inc.
Version: 1.00.087
Price: free to try/ free to keep if registered
Installed size: 2.7+M (depends on free extras installed)


So it's not enough to cover your refrigerator with sticky notes and weird magnets? Corkboard is an interactive, PIM-like screensaver that lets you recreate the same, um, personal cachet on your monitor display. Start with a cork-like bulletin board, and add your own sticky notes, clocks, reminders, alarms, pictures, gizmos, calendars, virtual pets, decorations, even different backgrounds -- as many as you like, each image resizeable, with fonts and other fun options too. Be as artful or tacky as you like. Sure, go for the lava lamp, it's YOU!

It's your personal bulletin board, great for quick notes and reminders as well as for expressing yourself. There's Dialer access so you can express yourself to others too. You can even add pranks, and if you're a LAN user, send some pranks along to your friends. Or former friends. Bring your corkboard up anytime, as your mini-PIM, or just let it operate like a regular screensaver, to launch whenever you select.

If you return to Windows from Corkboard (either via the context menu or pressing any key on the keyboard), it minimizes to the system tray for quick re-access. Or just turn it off until it launches as a saver. There's a really good Help file that describes the various things you can do. But basically, anytime you have a question, just right-click anywhere on anything. Context menus pop up all over the place. It's easy and amusing to use

Lots of additional free images and options can be downloaded from the product web site. If you want more stuff than that, just join the site's Corkboard Club to get the special Members' goodies. Corkboard is free to try for 10 days, and to keep it running you need to register before the timeout period. There's no registration no charge, and if there's a catch, I don't know what it is.

User Friendly:
Cost: (free)
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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