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Type of Program: Screensaver/Desktop Enhancement
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: PC Dynamics, Inc.
Version: 1.00.87
Price: Free/$14.95 for extras
Installed Size: 5.81 MB (with one extra set of objects)


This is a cool idea which I hope will be further developed by the program's author. Essentially, it turns your desktop into a corkboard on which you can "pin" reminder notes, to-do lists, pictures, a calendar, a clock, and a variety of funky "objects" such as an animated lava lamp. The corkboard activates as a screensaver, through screen hotspots, hot keys or manually from the system tray. You can set alarms for various events (although the process is a bit too time-consuming to use for non-repeating events) and there's even a timer to remind you to take a break every so often. Although I'm not a network user, it appears that the program also has enhancements for networks that allow you to send and receive notes and play "pranks" on other users. There are lots of different options for how you want your notes, to-do lists, etc. to look, and you can download even more options from the company's website. In addition, if you join something called the Clipboard Club for an additional $14.95, you can also get virtual pets and pranks.

The program is far from perfect, however. For example, I noticed that the program doesn't activate automatically as a screensaver or using the hotspots if you also use a minimize-to-tray program. Additionally, some of the features don't work particularly well -- according to the help file, you should be able to have the computer automatically dial a phone number typed onto a note, but it didn't happen for me. And talk about CPU load and memory usage -- the thing is a real hog. I could also add a wish-list for this product: a real PIM, so that you can enter appointments into the calendar (right now, it is just a display date), hotlinking from the notes so that clicking on a URL in a note activates your browser, maybe some form of e-mail notification, etc. The possibilities of what this program could do seems endless. Still, even as it is now, it is a handy and fun desktop alternative.

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Reviewed by Shoshana Schiller

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