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DeskTop Set

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Type of Program: PIM, Integrated Organizer System
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.X/95/NT
Company Name: Okna Corp.
Version: 6.02
Price: free to try/ $49 single-user license
Installed size: 10 - 35M depending on sounds and plug-ins


DeskTop Set is an advanced organizer that packs so much integration power, you could easily use this program as a "hub" for all your time-tracking and information-management needs -- without leaving the program from 8 to 5! Easy enough for a beginner to use, DeskTop Set has all the PIM features you'd expect, plus a beautifully ergonomic layout. But its strong account- and contact-management capabilities suit DeskTop set perfectly to business uses that are contact-intensive (such as sales, marketing, real estate, public relations, purchasing) as well as time-paced (such as advertising, publishing, even law offices where all time is billable time!). Its deep, intelligent feature-set make DeskTop Set an ideal candidate for an office to standardize on, and here's why.

For easy accessibility, DeskTop Set (DTS) functions branch out from its Calendar, Address book and Dialer -- and these are interoperable. [And if you're starting out fresh with the program, converting over from another PIM for example, you can import addresses, phone numbers, calendar entries, and records directly into DTS using the Import Wizard. It accepts organizer data from: ACT! 2.0, 3.0; Lotus Organizer 1.0, 2.X, 97; SideKick for Windows, 95, 97, 98; Outlook, and Goldmine for Windows, 3.2 -- plus from any delimited ACSII text files. You can even use TWAIN compatible scanners and digital cameras to import pictures and data, plus scan in all your business cards if you have a CardScan device (made by Corex at ).]

Each main function area has an index-tabbed interface with full toolbars. The Calendar ties together daily, weekly, monthly, and annual dates for your schedule, and gives a timeline view of interdependent dates or events, to cross-match the schedules of your entire work group. Immediately spot schedule conflicts, deadlines, and pacing items at a glance. Tabbed sections allow for instant notes, attachments, reminders, alarms, ticklers, phone calls and logs -- all capable of being automatically cross-referenced by name, content or date.

Wrap up all your time/date information per account, contact, and client using Folders, a handy feature that consolidates all your activity with each person or project. Keep a client's profile, complete with his/her picture, and all related correspondence, appointments, etc. Without leaving a Folder, you can launch Word/WordPerfect or Excel to write letters and reports -- just customize the toolbar to include buttons for whichever program(s) you want integrated with DTS. DTS supports vCard and vEvent capabilities (accessed from the menu), and has an Intelligent MailMerge function. If you have a batch mailing, Intelligent MailMerge will hunt for a valid means of sending the letter to each recipient on your list -- if there's no mailing address, it'll look on for a FAX or email address, and so on. It won't just stall or skip your hapless recipient. Pretty handy. No more delays. But another handy thing is that you can drag-n-drop addresses from your Address Book into the open word processor document, so updates are a lot faster and more error-free.

Additional programs that integrate seamlessly with DTS are: For email, Eudora, Outlook Express, MS Messaging and any other MAPI capable program. For FAX, you can use Symantec WinFAX Pro 7.5 or 8.0. For Web access you can use either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. And for alphanumeric paging, you can use Integra Win Beep or Air Media Notify! Classic.

If your work is phone intensive, never lose track of a contact or the billable time -- or any incoming messages either! The Dialer function can log your incoming and outgoing calls, and incorporate the phone logs into your related DTS reports, reminders, or other entries. You can create voice messages and use the Answer bar to make DTS your personal voice messaging system and phone answering machine. All you need for all these telephony functions is a Hayes/TAPI compatible modem. DTS does the rest. In fact, the DTS-by-Phone features are so extensive, there's a complete tutorial at the product web site and also on CD-ROM. And there's a complete "Guided Tour of DeskTop Set" (plus downloadable user manuals) at the product web site, which ensures you get acquainted with the potential of this amazing organizer system.

And of course, you meet your contacts out of the office -- you synchronize DTS with your 3Com Palm Pilot. Just install the optional Pilot plug-in on your office PC, to synchronize all your field updates made -- from Pilot to PC. (And even within the office, you can share or synchronize your DTS contents with other users and backup data using the DTS Reconciler feature.) Is this too cool? Never go barefoot again!

DeskTop Set is free to try for 30 days completely functional. Details on ordering and reduced pricing for multi-user licenses are available at the product web site. Support is provided to registered users. This is an impressive piece of shareware that's right up there with the high-end retail PIMs. Compare prices and features -- DeskTop Set can do the job and save you or your office a bunch of money.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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