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Drag and View

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Type of Program: File viewer/graphics converter/screen capture
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.X/95/NT
Company Name: Canyon Software
Version: 4.0c
Price: free to try/ $30
Installed size: 4.18M (32-bit)


Three tools in one, Drag and View makes quick work of multi-format file viewing/playing, graphics conversion and enhancing, and screen captures. Just drag-n-drop the selected file onto Drag and View's viewer window, and it loads almost instantaneously. If you're in Windows Explorer or in Drag and File (another Canyon software product reviewed separately here), Drag and View can be accessed via the right-click context menu when you've selected a file. No matter how you get in, Drag and View lets you look, listen, and modify what you're after, without opening the associated application. Using the ActiveX control resident in Internet Explorer, the program even lets you view HTML files, and allows text edits to be done right in the viewer. There's search capability for files containing text too.

The array of filetypes this tool can handle is impressive. You can view plain ACSII and hex, plus word processor files ( Word, Works, Wordperfect, AmiPro, Q&A Write), spreadsheets (Excel, Lotus, Quattro), and databases (dBase, Clipper, FoxPro). Look at animated GIFs, digital video AVIs, and play back MIDI, WAV, and RMI sound files. Drag and View also displays the latest Internet formats, progressive JPEG and PNG, plus interlaced GIFs.

For graphics files, you can choose from 17 different bitmapped formats for conversion, and there are resident utilities for rotation, color effects, and more. Screen captures are easily done -- just choose your hotkey, your selected capture target (entire screen, window, or area), and bring in the results, to save, convert, enhance, or copy to clipboard.

When you register Drag and View, viewing capabilities are added for: Acrobat PDF, AutoCAD DXF, Micrografix Designer DRW, Computer Graphics Metafiles CGM/CTM, Encapsulated Postscript/Adobe Illustrator EPS/AI, Hewlett Packard Graphics HPGL, Lotus PIC, WordPerfect Graphics WPG, CorelDraw CDR, and MS Power Point PPT files. (The Drag and View DWG edition views, prints, and zooms AutoCAD DWG files, versions 10 through 14. See the product web site for separate pricing information.)

Drag and View is free to try for a 30-day trial, with the expanded viewing function added upon registration. For Windows 3.1X users, use Drag and View Gold (downloadable from the same page), which is the same product in 16-bit. Support is provided to registered users.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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