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Drag and Zip

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Type of Program: ZIP Utility and Viewer
Supported Platform: Windows 3.1X/95/NT
Company Name: Canyon Software
Version: 2.2c
Price: free to try/ $25
Installed size: 1.84M (95/NT)


Drag And Zip is a handy plug-in ZIP archive utility that works inside your file manager or Windows explorer with drag-n-drop convenience, or can be accessed from the start menu directly. Either way you like to work it, Drag and Zip makes management of compressed files easy and seamless, especially since it will work in concert with Drag and File (file manager) and Drag and View (file viewer/handler) also offered by Canyon Software, to give you expanded file management flexibility. You'll find it operates very intuitively, and yes, Drag and Zip works with any other file managers and viewers too. (I tried it.)

Drag and Zip will zip and unzip files (ZIP, LZH, GZ, and TAR) either a file at a time, or tag a whole batch to process together. It works with Uuencoded, Xxencoded, MIME and Bin/Hex files, and includes a resident facility for making 16-bit and 32-bit self-extracting files. You can opt for password protection on the ZIP or self-extracting files you create, which is ideal for secure distributions. And the Auto Launch option can be added to your self-extracting files, allowing them to be associated with a launch program and thus act as setup files -- making your distributions easy for your recipients to handle.

Drag and Zip provides virus-scanning and ZIP file previewing before decompressing, via its Zip View function. Just access Zip View via right-click context menu from the selected file from inside your file manager, or you can open Zip View directly from the start menu. A double-click on any text/document file listed in the Zip Viewer launches the associated program, quite handy for looking at read-me's and pre-installation notes. The Zip Viewer also allows you to test for ZIP file integrity, and fix it if possible.

If you want to examine ZIP file contents more fully before using them, Drag and Zip's Check Out feature lets you extract them to a special program group to isolate them -- until you've "checked them out." (Then if you don't like a selected file, you don't have to delete manually, just dump its check-out group.) Another nifty housekeeping feature is the ability to save "Zip Sets," for those groups of files you re-ZIP often, such as regularly distributed file updates. It's an organized, reliable way to create backups.

This version of Drag and Zip is compatible with PKZIP versions 2.04 and 1.1 -- just remember that the limitations of PKZIP (e.g., long filename support) will be imposed. You may also use Drag and Zip to build and extract LZH files if you have a copy of LHA.EXE installed. For Windows 3.1X users, a 16-bit edition of Drag and Zip is available at the product web site, with same price and features. Drag and Zip is integrated into the product package Drag and File Gold, to combine advanced file management with these ZIP functions. The products Drag and File, and Drag and View mentioned previously are reviewed separately at this site. Full product packaging and pricing information is given at the web site, and support is offered to registered users.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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