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Drag and File Gold

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Type of Program: File Manager, FTP Client
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1X/95/NT
Company Name: Canyon Software
Version: 4.17g
Price: free to try/ $30 Drag and File
free to try/ $50 Drag and File Gold
Installed size: 2.33M (Drag and File) 4.37M (Gold)


A brilliant touch has been added to this versatile file manager. Drag and File now has an integrated FTP client that gives you more even traction to scoot files around. With drag-n-drop ease, you can work across multiple directories and local fixed, removable and network drives, but do remote transfers as well, without launching an external FTP client. It makes FTP functions seem close to transparent. And uploads are lightning fast with the added Quick FTP feature -- just tag whatever files you want sent, click Quick FTP and the client kicks in to handle the rest. It's super for those fast web page updates.

Use this file manager at any level of complexity your housekeeping jobs may require. Along with easy file copy, move, and delete functions, you can batch these tasks by tree or branch. Use split screen operation to monitor non-contiguous files you're working on, maybe on separate drives. Customize the toolbar to add favorite shortcuts, URLs, and features, and set hotkeys for whatever keyboard controls you're in the habit of using. There are so many more file filtering and management options you can choose from, you really should try this program for yourself.

To peek inside any selected file, Canyon Software's Drag and View capability (if this is installed) can be accessed via the right-click context menu, giving you integrated access to the full file viewing and manipulation features of that product too. So, Drag and File's convenience factor just went up another few notches. And to better suit your tasks at hand or work preferences, Drag and File's flexible user interface can be set up just how you like. During a work session you can lose Drag and Zip's main viewer for convenience, in favor of a floating Launch Bar -- dock one on the screen or use another out of the taskbar, to save screen space.

Drag and File Gold adds the Drag and Zip archive functions to Drag and File. If you've installed Canyon Software's Drag and Zip, the archive functions of this separate product integrate in to Drag and File, and work together in the same manner as the combined Drag and File Gold. (The difference is the package price!) When these archive functions are present, you'll gain toolbar access to zip/unzip functions, plus virus scanning of zip file content. This is really a big convenience if you're using Drag and File's FTP often to fetch zip files from public sites. For details of the Drag and Zip functions (and thus the Drag and Zip aspects of Drag and File Gold), please refer to the separate product review at this site.

Drag and File and Drag and File Gold are free to try for 30 days, fully functional and without nag screens. While this file manager is a gem on a stand-alone basis, you might want to consider a concurrent trial on the three products I've described -- Drag and File, Drag and View -- and Drag and Zip if applicable. The synergy is magnificent! Product ordering, pricing, and packaging details can be found at the product web site. Windows 3.1X users can download the 16-bit version of Drag and File from the same location as the 32-bit offering, with the same pricing. Support is available to registered users.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell
ICQ # 9407183

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