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Fighters Anthology

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Type of Program: Military Flight Sim w/ Multi player Support.
Supported Platforms: Win 95 + Online Gaming
Company Name: Jane's Combat Simulations and Electronic Arts
Version: 1.00F
Price: $47.96
Installed Size:100 to 140 Megabytes


Jane's calls this 'The Mother of All Flight Sims" and that's basically what it is. There are several campaigns, over 100 planes to fly, and you can create your own missions using either of two internal mission builders. But hold on 486 owners, I recommend At least a Pentium 133 with 32 megs of RAM, and while this game contains superior graphics, and sound, the game runs very slow in anything under a Pentium 100, and is prone to crashes on some systems. Unless you own a good video card, a fast system, and Windows 95, Jane's Fighters Anthology is not for you.

Dogfight on the Internet against the world's toughest aces via the Jane's Online Gaming Center.

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Reviewed by John Guilfoil

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